Does your pet require more advanced surgical care? You can count on the experienced team at Augusta Animal Clinic!

Many pet owners are familiar with common and routine surgeries, such as spay/neuter procedures. In many cases, however, our animal companions face situations which require more advanced surgical attention. At Augusta Animal Clinic, we offer in-house surgical care for complex operations, including orthopedic as well as ophthalmic procedures. More importantly, our team of experienced, compassionate professionals will take every measure to maximize your pet’s comfort levels – before, during and following surgery.


Orthopedic Surgery

Our corrective orthopedic surgical services are available to address a wide variety of conditions and injuries affecting the bones, ligaments and joints. Whether it’s an acute injury, such as a fracture, or a chronic condition, such as hip dysplasia, we’ve got you covered. From our thorough pre-surgical evaluation right through the recovery period, your best friend will be in excellent hands with us. Should the assistance of a specialist be warranted, we’re happy to provide a referral.


Ophthalmic Surgery

Pets can suffer from problems with their eyes just like humans can. In some cases, the best course of treatment involves surgery. At Augusta Animal Clinic, we are experienced in performing a number of ophthalmic procedures, from routine to advanced. For more complex cases, we offer referrals to board certified veterinary ophthalmologists. If your companion requires surgery on his or her eyes, you can rest assured you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more.