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Dr. David Fenoglio

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. David Fenoglio always admired his eldest brother, who worked as a doctor in the human healthcare field, while growing up—he knew he would enjoy working in the medical field as well. As his interests in science and math started to blossom, Dr. Fenoglio came to realize that one career choice was the perfect combination of his passion for science and his adoration of animals: veterinary medicine!

Dr. Fenoglio—Dr. Dave to his staff and clients—grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana alongside his six siblings. He attended Purdue University on a scholarship, starting at his very first veterinary-clinic job during his studies, and graduated with his veterinary degree in 1976. After working as an Associate Veterinarian at a nearby hospital for three years, Dr. Dave had the opportunity to open a new after-hours emergency clinic in Indianapolis, one of the very first in the metropolitan area.

In 1982, Dr. Dave returned to private practice and began working on developing his management skills. A year later, he was ready to take the leap of faith and open his very own clinic—Dr. Dave opened Augusta Animal Clinic for business in 1983, and is still happily serving the pets and animal owners of Indianapolis over 30 years later!

Medically, Dr. Dave’s favorite part of the job is soft-tissue surgery, a skill he honed during his time in emergency medicine. He’s also fond of endocrinology. Most of all, though, Dr. Dave loves working directly with pet owners to provide the highest level of care possible for their four-legged companions.

Dr. Dave and his wife, Debbie, have five adult children and share their home with two dogs of their own. Jack is a sweet Chihuahua who enjoys carrying his stuffed teddy bear all over the house, and Zoe is a Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu mix who leaps into Dr. Dave’s arms when he gets home from the office every evening.

When he isn’t caring for pets here at the clinic or spending time with his family, Dr. Dave enjoys working outdoors, walking, riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and golfing. He’s been playing golf since he was in high school, and even boasts two holes-in-one!

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Photo of Dr. David  Fenoglio

Dr. Shelly DeBoer

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Shelly DeBoer’s 10-acre childhood home in Avon was never devoid of an animal presence; she spent her youth with everything from dogs and cats to horses, ducks, rabbits, and chickens. Young Dr. DeBoer also spent plenty of time tromping through nearby forests and fields, and didn’t hesitate to bring back any critters she could find to show her mother. For her, animal care simply comes naturally—Dr. DeBoer feels both fortunate and proud to serve the pets andanimal owners of the Indianapolis area as an Associate Veterinarian.

Dr. DeBoer began her undergraduate studies in 2004, obtaining Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in animal behavior and welfare. Next, she joined Purdue University’s veterinary medicine program to earn her Doctorate. After being introduced to Dr. David Fenoglio through a mutual acquaintance during her third year of veterinary school, Dr. DeBoer spent many Saturdays right here at Augusta Animal Clinic to gain critical hands-on experience in a hospital setting. Over the next year and a half, she got to know the clinic’s wonderful staff, clientele, and patients on an intimate level—when Dr. Fenoglio offered her a position upon graduating, Dr. DeBoer was more than happy to accept!

As a veterinarian, Dr. DeBoer has a particular interest in behavioral medicine and feels that it is the key to strengthening the important bonds we share with our pets. For her, nothing is more satisfying than helping her clients live a less stressful and more harmonious life with their animal companions.

At home, Dr. DeBoer and her husband share their lives with two dogs, a pair of cats, and several chickens. When she isn’t enjoying their company, she’s fond of hiking—Dr. DeBoer one day hopes to hike the entire Appalachian Trail!—and getting glimpses into others’ lives through the magic of a good book.

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Photo of Dr. Shelly  DeBoer

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