Doggy Dental Care Tips

Did you know that your dog can develop many painful dental issues, such as cracked or misaligned teeth, gum disease, and abscesses? Fido’s oral health is very important to his overall health and well-being! Read on as a Northwest Indianapolis, IN veterinarian offers advice on taking care of your furry buddy’s teeth.

Signs of Dental Trouble

Bad breath is one of the most common signs of dental issues in dogs. Man’s Best Friend isn’t exactly renowned for having minty-fresh breath, but seriously rank breath can be indicative of several medical issues, including dental problems. Other symptoms include bloody, stringy, or excessive drool; swelling; reduced appetite; and visible tartar buildup. Fido may not be as interested in his favorite toys if his mouth is bothering him. He may also be a bit grumpy, and could be reluctant to let you touch his mouth.

Home Care

Taking care of your pup’s teeth may be easier than you think! One great way to keep Fido’s choppers healthy is to brush them. During the training stage, just rub your canine buddy’s teeth and gums with your finger. Next, you can add pet toothpaste, before finally moving on to using a doggy toothbrush. If your furry pal won’t stop fidgeting, ask your vet about using dental-formula kibble, treats, or chews to help keep his teeth clean. Proper chew toys can also be beneficial, as they will keep your dog’s jaws strong, and stimulate the flow of saliva. Making sure Fido always has plenty of fresh, clean water is also important.

Veterinary Care

Your dog should have his teeth checked by a vet at least once a year. If your canine pal has tartar buildup, he may need a good deep cleaning. This will remove that yucky tartar buildup, reduce inflammation, and help fight gum disease. Gum disease is a very serious issue in dogs, because the infection can spread to your pup’s vital organs, and can contribute to major health problems, such as heart disease. If Fido has broken, loose, cracked, or infected teeth, your vet will offer treatment options on a case-by-case basis. It’s worth noting that cosmetic issues aren’t really a concern with doggy dental care: the focus is on issues that can cause pain, infections, and/or other health problems.

Does Fido need dental care? Contact us, your Northwest Indianapolis, IN animal hospital, today. We are here to help!