Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Is your kitty allowed to go outside? If so, you may want to seriously consider keeping your feline friend inside. While Fluffy may love sunbathing, chasing butterflies, and leaving paw prints on your car, she’ll be both safer and healthier as an indoor kitty. Read on as a Northwest Indianapolis, IN vet discusses keeping your kitty indoors.

Dangers of Going Outside

Your feline buddy faces many serious dangers as soon as she sets those little paws outside the door. Cars, predators, other cats, parasites, and weather are just a few of the things that pose threats to cats. Fluffy is also much more likely to become sick, lost, injured, or killed if she goes outside. It’s no wonder that, on average, indoor cats live much longer than outdoor kitties, and are generally healthier.

Discouraging Escape Attempts

While your feline pal is definitely better off living indoors, Fluffy may disagree with your decision. If your furball has been allowed to go outdoors in the past, it may take time for her to accept and adjust to being an indoor-only cat. One thing that will help is making your kitty form a negative association with the door. When your cat approaches the door, squirt her with water, or make a loud noise by rattling a jar of change or sounding a bike horn. She won’t be hurt, but she’ll be quite startled, and will hopefully become a bit wary of the door.

Keeping Your Indoor Kitty Happy

Make sure your feline buddy has lots of entertainment options to keep her from getting bored. Cat toys are a must: offer your furry pal a variety of fun playthings. We recommend giving your cat a window seat with a good view of the yard. Watching birds and squirrels will give Fluffy a taste of the outdoors, while keeping her safely inside. It’s also a good idea to put out some pet-safe plants at floor level, arranging them so your cute pet can peek out through the leaves. Check the ASPCA site for non-toxic houseplant recommendations. Last but not least, take time to play with your frisky furball every day. Use toys that you control, like wand toys, to engage your kitty’s inner huntress, and get her engaged.

Please reach out to us, your Northwest Indianapolis, IN veterinary clinic, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re happy to help!