8 Things Your Cat Wants to Tell You

Have you ever wondered what your cat is trying to tell you when she meows at you? Kitties may not speak our language, but they definitely do manage to get their points across, whether vocally or through body language. In fact, cats may very well have started meowing simply to manipulate us, their human servants. In this article, an Indianapolis, IN vet offers a few possibilities.

You’re Late. Where Were You?

While Fido would probably get the award for most affectionate greeting, Fluffy also often meets her humans at the door … sometimes with a slightly-disapproving meow.

I’m Really, Really Hungry/But I Don’t Want That

Kitties can be quite fussy when it comes to their food. Even if her bowl is full, Fluffy might meow and beg as though she’s starving, only to dismissively reject the food you offer her.

I Lost My Toy

Our feline friends are very playful. This doesn’t entirely explain why, whenever Fluffy gets a new toy, it usually ends up under the couch in fairly short order.

Move Over So I Can Get Comfortable

When kitties want to cuddle, they want to cuddle right meow! Fluffy generally doesn’t have many qualms about taking over the bed, or pawing you until you give Her Furry Majesty room to get cozy beside you.

I’m Comfortable

Cats definitely have a talent for getting comfortable. You might get an adorable meow as your furball settles in for yet another nap.

But I Was Comfortable!

Our feline friends certainly love their naps. Fluffy may make herself comfy in whatever spot looks inviting. Sooner or later, she’ll settle in on top of a pile of fresh laundry, in a bed, or on your spot on the couch. When you move your furry little sleepyhead, she may give a meow of protest.


Fluffy may tense up, swish her tail, or start making adorable little sounds if she spots a squirrel. This one also applies to birds, moths, and other small animals.

I Love You

Kitties show their love in many adorable ways, from purring to following us around to, well, using us as furniture. But if there was one phrase Fluffy would want to say above all others, this would be it!

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