Keeping Fido Active Indoors

As winter closes in, you may want to keep your canine pal’s daily walks short and sweet. After all, taking a relaxing summertime stroll with your dog is great, but walking Fido in frigid weather isn’t anywhere near as much fun. Making sure your dog gets enough activity is very important, however. Don’t let your canine buddy become a complete couch potato in winter! In this article, a Northwest Indianapolis, IN vet offers some great ways to keeping your pooch healthy and active indoors.


Fido can burn quite a few calories just by playing fetch. The best thing about this simple game is that you can give your furry pal his workout while you’re watching TV!


Treadmills can actually be a great way to get your dog moving. Just be sure to put your furry friend’s safety first. Start Fido out on the lowest speed until he gets used to the treadmill. You can increase the machine speed as your pooch gets the hang of it, but never set it to full speed. Also, always remove your canine buddy’s collar and leash before putting him on the treadmill. Last but not least, never leave your pup on a treadmill unsupervised.

Laser Pointer

Man’s Best Friend can get quite a bit of activity just by chasing after that elusive red dot. Just be careful never to shine the light directly into your pet’s eyes. We also recommend giving your pup praise or belly rubs after each play session, so he doesn’t get bummed out by the fact that he can never quite catch that crimson spot.

Stair Runs

If your home has multiple stories, you can get your dog’s workout in by doing stair runs. Stand at the top of the stairs with Fido’s favorite toy, and call him to you. When he reaches you, toss it down the stairs and tell him to fetch. It won’t take more than a few minutes to get your pooch’s blood pumping!


Every dog has different exercise needs, which will depend on his breed, age, weight, and health. Also, not all dogs should be encouraged to exercise vigorously. Ask your vet for specific advice before starting Fido on any workout regimen.

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